Terminal Management System

Our Services & Domains
Our services include the following for web, mobile and Desktop applications

  • Inland Container Depots & Container Freight Stations
  • Container Depot Management
  • Port Handling and Management
  • Equipment Maintenance and Repair
  • Trucking Management
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Products & Services
Our products were created for the clients who operate the ICD, Empty DEPOT, Ports and Freight/Container Transport companies. Products have been developed on the basis of our extensive domain knowledge in the logistics industry. The applications are flexible and can be customized as per local operation and specific business process requirements.

The products are available in multiple variants for: Warehouse and Inventory management; PORT management; ICD & CFS management, Empty Depot management, Maintenance and Repair system, EDI service and Trucking Management Delivering maximum value and performance for business operations which enhances the operational productivity, flexible workflow tools and comprehensive integration, gives you complete visibility and control of all invoicing and eradicates all costly human-error

Customers’ software applications and products are supported 24/7 out of our OFFSHORE center in India
Enterprise Products & Concepts ICD + CFS Management

Inland Container Depot & Container Freight Station Management System caters to specific needs of CFS and ICD operators. Providing all the functionality for the following:

  • Booking pre-advice
  • Multiple quotation
  • Gate operation
  • CFS operation
  • Invoicing
  • Yard management
  • Rail/truck operations
  • Inventory management
Container Depot Management

Empty Container Depot Management System caters to specific needs of empty depot operators. Providing all the functionality for

  • Booking pre-advice
  • Multiple quotation
  • Gate operation
  • CFS operation
  • Invoicing
  • Yard management
  • Rail/truck operations
PORT Management

Key operational areas covered by Port management system including:

  • Booking pre-advice
  • Gate operation
  • Yard management
  • CFS operation
  • Vessel profile
  • Ship properties
  • Bay properties
  • Web inquiry
  • Port rotation
  • Loading and discharge
  • Container list
  • Real-time operational & management report
  • Inquiry
  • Invoicing
  • EDI communication
  • Data interface with legacy system including Hand Held application and Mobile devices.
TRUCKING Management

Trucking Management System was developed with a technologically advanced inland container transport planning system, the application enables transportation company to monitor the truck movement, to manage customer bookings and invoicing, to do efficiency equipment planning, to control fuel usage and inventory, to provide complete visibility and control of all cost and income


The Maintenance and Repair application manages container repair processes such as

  • Vendor quotation
  • M & R tariff
  • Work order
  • Pending job start
  • Pending job end
  • Customer approval
  • Awaiting survey
  • Material inventory
  • Pending Estimate of repair
  • EDI and data interface with legacy system
EDI Services

  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), sending and receiving the information in industry standard format and can easily be configured to support any proprietary format you may require. The data can also be sent to and received from a variety of legacy system.
  • EDI module supports current UNEDIFACT standard message formats and other third party formats such as SAP
  • Inbound messages include: BAPLIE, MOVINS, COPINO, COPRAR, COPARN, COREOR.
  • Outbound messages include: BAPLIE, COARRI, CODECO.
  • Fast and secure transaction handling and processing that speeds up the sharing of critical information for more efficient terminal operations.