Professional Services

  • Permanent Staffing

This is the prevailing practice of engagement to have the incumbent working under the client’s payroll. Our company will act as an effective source for candidates, screening and sieving out the most suitable candidates based on our client’s needs, criteria and company culture.

  • Contract Staffing

For assignments or project works that require a specific period of commitment or when headcounts are of a business concern, we can provide personnel on a contract basis. Based on the clients’ project demands or assignment nature, the additional staff can be placed under our company’s payroll with the administration of compensation and benefits managed via our company.

  • Payroll Services

Understanding our clients’ needs to maximize their time and resources, we are able to act as a specialised extended arm of their organization, effectively handling HR administration areas such as provident funds processing, payroll, bonuses, incentives and even employees’ leave, medical claims and corporate insurance policies